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Witness the Majesty of Arrakis in the Dune: Awakening Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer!

Get a First In-Game Look at Dune: Awakening in the Trailer that Premiered at The Game Awards!

Hello Sleepers,

We are thrilled to give you all this first glimpse of Dune: Awakening. Tighten your stillsuit and let Arrakis wash over you in our gameplay teaser trailer:

With Dune: Awakening, we are weaving together Open World Survival and MMO elements into a Dune tapestry that brings Frank Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece to life in a completely unique way.

In Dune: Awakening you strive to survive on the most dangerous planet in the universe alongside thousands of other players. Explore your role and identity while experiencing an epic personal journey, from searching for water and building shelters against storms to controlling the flow of spice in the top echelons of Arrakis.

Here’s a quick word from Joel Bylos, our Chief Creative Officer here at Funcom.
"Working with a universe as rich and expansive as Dune is the perfect fit for Funcom's drive to create compelling multiplayer open worlds. With Dune: Awakening, we're trying to push the boundaries of what people expect in the Survival space - and I can't wait until we can get it into your hands."

Starting today, you will be able to read all the latest Dune: Awakening news on the updated website.

Game Overview

To show you the true scope of the game before we get into features in depth, we’ve prepared an overview which is also available on the website.

Your Dune - Your Journey

Your Dune — Your Journey

An Open World Survival MMO

Rise from survival to dominance in a vast and seamless Arrakis shared by thousands of players. Dune: Awakening combines the grit and creativity of survival games with the social interactivity of a large, persistent multiplayer game to create a unique and ambitious Open World Survival MMO.

Awaken The Sleeper

Your journey begins on Arrakis, alone on the deadliest planet in the universe. Follow your story throughout Dune - meeting characters from the movies and books. Discover new allies and enemies and exploit your relationships to uncover the mystery that lies just beneath the surface of the sands.

Choose Your Identity

Craft your identity and build your prowess, from deep character creation to skills and abilities that develop the more you use them. Declare your loyalties by what you wear and become known by what you do, whether you are a specialized master or multi-talented adept.


A Vast, Deadly Arrakis

A Vast, Deadly Arrakis

Explore Arrakis Like Never Before

Dune: Awakening brings the epic landscapes of Arrakis to vivid life. Explore deep canyons pockmarked with caves, ancient underground Ecology Labs, boundless rolling dunes, and beyond. Wander the bustling villages before braving the lawless and ever-changing deep desert, where bandits seek easy prey.

An Ever-Changing World

Beyond The Shield Wall, massive Coriolis storms regularly alter the landscape and uncover new secrets, from valuable natural resources to crashed ships and ancient testing stations. When the dust settles, the race is on. Scout the fresh new land and uncover the secrets of the sands.  

Survive the Deadliest Planet in the Universe

On Arrakis, water is life. Learn to find it and exercise water discipline by maintaining your stillsuit. Choose where to craft and develop your shelter to survive sun and sandstorms. Weigh each step in the open desert against the risk of sandworms.


Battle for Dominance

Battle for Dominance  

Combined Arms

Engage in epic 3rd person combat, from deadly ambushes to massive organic battles, with fast-paced interplay between infantry, ground, and flying vehicles. Utilize everything at your disposal, from Holtzman gadgets to an array of ranged firearms. Stretch the limits of human potential using melee techniques and other abilities taught by the Great Schools of the Imperium.

Control the Spice

Answer the call of massive spice blows to harvest the most valuable resource in the universe. Gather players for a raid in the deep desert or scavenge what you can on the sidelines. Sell spice on the exchange or consume it to expand your potential at the cost of addiction.

Control Arrakis

Create a guild and grow it into a House Minor by allying yourself with one of the Great Houses. Rise above your rivals and assert economic dominance by controlling valuable resources. Like the sands, power is ever shifting.


A Path to Prosperity

A Path to Prosperity

From Shelter to Fortress

Create your base, choosing each building piece from a range of distinct styles. Find solid rock away from roaming sandworms and raise temporary outposts for your interests beyond The Shield Wall. 

Craft Your Way to the Top

Craft weapons, armor, vehicles, attachments, modifications, and much more. Hone your crafting skills and acquire the rarest schematics. Creating an efficient harvesting operation and chain of production to make it big on the exchange will grant you wealth and power but also powerful enemies.


We are itching to share more information about the game, so make sure to keep an eye out for more news.

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