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New Story Cinematic is Live, Next Direct arrives 20 June!

Greetings Sleepers, 

The path you will tread in Dune: Awakening has finally been revealed at Summer Game Fest in our new Story Cinematic – The Vision of Paul Atreides.

A single moment that changes everything. An Arrakis torn by a War of Assassins. The Fremen missing. And yet the spice must flow. This is your Arrakis. 


Dune: Awakening Direct, Episode 2

The time finally approaches for our next Dune: Awakening Direct, the live show where we reveal and showcase new aspects of the game.  

Tune in to Dune: Awakening Direct, Episode 2 on 20 June at 18:00 CET/12:00 ETC on our Twitch and Youtube

We’re thrilled to welcome back Soe Gschwind to host the show, in which she will interview several members from our development team, including Creative Director Joel Bylos, who you’ll recognize from our first episode and several other videos we’ve put out. 

If you missed the first Dune: Awakening Direct, it premiered our Survive Arrakis Trailer and a featurette, titled Creating Worlds, From Book to Film to Game. You can catch up with the full Episode 1 here:  

What are we showing in Episode 2?

Allow us to ingest some spice in order to glimpse the myriad paths ahead. The most likely outcome reveals itself. 

Prepare to discover the ramifications of a world without Paul Atreides in Dune: Awakening. What role will major factions like the Atreides, Harkonnen, and Fremen play? We will also shed more light on the narrative overall, including aspects like religion.

Dive deeper into the server structure, and what makes the game a Survival MMO. Get a clear look at in-game character creation, and enjoy new interviews, an update on our ongoing Beta testing, and more! 

Where and When?

Dune: Awakening Direct, Episode 2 premieres on 20 June at 18:00 CET/12:00 ETC on our Twitch and YoutubeIGN will also stream it live on their Twitch. 

And beyond Dune: Awakening Direct, get ready for our gameplay reveal at Gamescom. 

Sign up now on www.duneawakening.com for a chance to join future Beta tests, wishlist the game, and join other sleepers on the official Discord. 

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